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  • Save acquisition costs and increase sales
  • Direct contact with purchasers that have viewed your profile
  • Average spend per demand on our platform starts at 500.000 USD
  • Expose your products, product updates and innovations globally to large scale enterprises across industries
  • 50 percent of relevant suppliers make it from the long list to short list. Make sure to keep your profile updated!
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Smart Supplier Discovery. More suppliers, better matches and faster process.

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You are in a safe place

We will not ask you to provide pricing information or any other confidential content before you know the potential customer. You control the information you want to share. If you have any questions, please contact the platform support team.

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  • Adhere to the most up-to-date data security protocols
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Encryption of authentication and session data
  • Scoutbee GmbH is ISO 27001 certified
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About Scoutbee Project details Next steps Support Privacy and security About Scoutbee

Scoutbee provides strategic procurement organizations with better supplier data, fast & efficient supplier search and improved supplier collaboration capabilities. Founded in 2015 by German procurement and operational experts, Scoutbee’s AI-powered Supplier Intelligence and Discovery Platform helps procurement leaders, across the world, to drive efficiency, mitigate risk, speed up innovation and Time To Market (TTM) as well as to meet ESG targets.

Using Scoutbee solutions, suppliers can drive new revenue by being introduced to new business opportunities and procurement functions can fulfill strategic sourcing cases fast and smart.

Scoutbee provides 24h global onboarding support and transparent & secure demand management with customers from industries, such as Automotive, FMCG, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemical and the Energy Sector. Scoutbee is operating worldwide with offices located in Washington D.C., Berlin and Würzburg.

Scoutbee’s Supplier Intelligence and Discovery Platform offers buyers and suppliers a simple process for automating the manual stages of supplier discovery and validation. SCOUTBEE Supplier Discovery solution, formerly known as Streamline, matches suppliers with potential buyers and provides a simple system to communicate and collaborate on sourcing demands.

Using SCOUTBEE Supplier Discovery, you can apply for sourcing demands, exchange documents such as NDAs and Drawings, and communicate directly with the respective buyers to speed up the tendering process. Scoutbee focuses on automating the manual buyer/supplier discovery, identification and validation process and supports existing RFI, RFP, NDA or price negotiation technologies.

Through close work with our clients’ purchasers in big multinational companies, Scoutbee’s Supplier Intelligence and Discovery Platform has identified the product or service your company offers and may match our client’s current demand.

Scoutbee helps you, free of charge, to find new sales opportunities for your product portfolio and easily contact and connect with relevant prospects. Average spend per demand on our platform starts at 500.000 USD, so you as a supplier, can save acquisition costs and increase sales.

We in Scoutbee enable you to respond to RFIs before they get published. And, once your supplier profile is part of the Scoutbee’s Supplier Intelligence and Discovery Platform, you can have better transparency and communication with top companies and world-class OEMs every day.

Technical data for a sourcing case will be provided once the customer has chosen to collaborate with your company. In the early stages of a sourcing case, a response to technical information and pricing will not be required. We only need to determine your interest in participating and what capabilities qualify your company’s involvement in this sourcing case.

Our goal is always to directly connect customers with previous unidentified suppliers. In many cases, without Scoutbee’s assistance in sourcing suppliers, our customer may not have been able to find your company without significant time and cost.

We are doing the heavy lifting for our customers and entering your responses concisely into our supplier discovery suite to streamline the decision-making process. We also enable you to communicate with the customer directly through our chat feature. Your questions go to the right person and allow for timely responses. Once you and the customer complete our streamline process, you can freely move without Scoutbee. We have helped develop a new business connection, our work is done!

Scoutbee offers customers the choice to disclose their identity during the RFI stage of the sourcing process. Many purchasers, however, choose to remain confidential. The name of the customer will be provided once your company has been shortlisted.

Registration and access to Scoutbee’s discovery suite is free for all suppliers. During the scouting process, suppliers are given unlimited access to submit RFI and RFP responses, including communication with the purchasing customer and Scoutbee team.

If your company currently supplies products to the purchasing customer, this need for additional information represents a direct request from our joint customer either to learn more about your products or to introduce you to another division of the company. By responding to the data request you’ll inform your customer you are interested and assuring your interest is demonstrated.

If you already have a current NDA with our customer, please attach that NDA instead of a new one on offer. The customer will determine if this is acceptable.

We will assist you in the development of your supplier profile that will reside in the Scoutbee discovery suite. Once you’ve provided in-depth information about the case, the purchasing customer will review your profile. If your capabilities match the customer’s demands, a Scoutbee team member will guide you through the NDA and collaboration process. Once your NDA is checked by the customer, you can start submitting your proposal.

At all times, you will be able to contact Scoutbee via the Scoutbee support chat on the platform or at support@scoutbee.com. All support-related questions and concerns should be communicated to Scoutbee via the Scoutbee support chat on the platform. 

To contact Scoutbee via the Scoutbee support chat on the platform,

  1. If logged out, select the support widget
  2. If logged in, select the question mark icon
  3. Select the button titled “Live Chat” or “Contact Us”
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Select the appropriate support channel, if applicable
  7. Enter a message
  8. Select the button titled “Start Chat” or “Send Message”

Once you have submitted a message, expect to receive a response from Scoutbee within five minutes. 

Please note, product or project related contact should be made through the purchaser collaboration chat available in the relevant demand.

You are in a safe place. We bring together data and process it into a secure and safe environment. We follow strict European security data standards and are GDPR compliant.

Regarding the collaboration process, Scoutbee will not ask you to provide pricing information or any other confidential content before you know the potential customer. You control the information you want to share. If you have any further questions concerning data security, please contact us.

Information submitted to Scoutbee is secure and only used for the purpose of the invited RFI. Information entered into the Scoutbee discovery suite will not be used for marketing purposes, offered to third parties nor offered to other clients in future RFIs, unless first agreed by the supplier.

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